The computer can't search for the wifi signal of the advertising machine.

cause of issue:

1.The advertising machine has been bound to another account

2.The computer's wireless network card configuration error

3.The wifi module of the advertising machine is damaged.


1.Log in to the account and unbind it from this advertising machine (for details, see the product manual)

2.Try to replace the computer or reconfigure your computer's wireless network

3.Contact us to deal with

Advertising machine displays "VIDEO" icon

cause of issue:

No TF card is recognized, or no content is available on the TF card


1.Check if the TF card is plugged in.   

2.Check if the TF card is damaged   

3.Upload available content to TF card

The adverter rotates normally but does not display

cause of issue:

Unable to read the contents of the TF


Format the TF card and re-upload the content to the TF card

The device does not appear in the device list.

cause of issue:

1.During the operation, the router account password was not entered correctly, and the device could not connect to the router.

2.The distance between the router and the advertising machine is too far

3.The router signal frequency is not 2.4G, and the device can only connect to the 2.4G frequency router.


1.Re-bind and enter the correct router account password.

2.Adjust the distance between the router and the advertising machine to ensure signal strength and stability

3.Router using 2.4G frequency

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