Wiikk holographic advertising machine brings the beauty of advertising

With the development of advertising supply chain technology, the emergence of holographic 3D advertising machine has got rid of most of the drawbacks of traditional advertising forms, and the product display has undergone a subversive transformation.  The 180-degree holographic stereoscopic presentation breaks the limitations of print advertising.

As a new type of media, playing exciting and beautiful advertising pictures and wonderful music, attracting people to stop, it not only breaks the aesthetic fatigue of traditional print ads, but also allows merchants to better promote their own products. .  Compared with traditional print advertising, naked-eye 3D advertising has more intuitive and detailed information, and can be used to see realistic stereoscopic images without relying on glasses, helmets and other auxiliary tools. It has the advantages of novelty, convenience, great power and strong image. At the same time, get rid of 3D glasses to easily achieve a three-dimensional image.

Therefore, it is widely used in office buildings, shopping malls, high-end real estate, hotels, apartments, villas and other public places.

This is an intuitive experience brought by the holographic advertising system.

Advantages: The market is blank and the uniqueness of independent research and development patents.  Novelty, attracting traffic.

Product features: High-tech holographic imaging, very attractive to consumers, leaving a deep impression, and willing to share the circle of friends, expand the scope of transmission, improve communication efficiency, easy to install.

Diverse content: The 3D holography system can replace digital content at any time according to the needs. The professional operation of our team will be the strong backing of your perfect display.

Main application areas

Applicable to the occasions of traditional advertising machines such as large shopping malls, specialty stores, bars, theaters, elevators and so on.  Help merchants attract traffic, spread and share advertising content.  Suitable for individual items with detailed details or rich internal structure, such as famous watches, famous cars, jewelry, industrial products, can also express characters, cartoons, etc., to the audience feel completely floating in the air, the specific size can be flexibly set according to customer requirements.

Displaying characters, objects or logos in the form of digital content, suitable for image reproduction and image display environment of large venues.  It is used to display luxury goods, collectibles or industrial products such as porcelain, jewelry, diamonds, famous cars, watches, etc., adding more dynamic and wonderful; showing the expressions of the characters, changes in plant details, etc., more stereoscopic, clear, more layered and unique expressive .

Now, the Wiikk holographic advertising system is starting to recruit urban partners around the world, and we look forward to your joining.

In the near future, the core issues of traditional media, such as low attention, low sentiment, low arrival rate, low memory, low conversion rate, etc., may all become history.  Technology is reshaping our information age at an unprecedented rate.  Holographic technology subverts the world and is changing the world. WIIKK holography makes advertising more sexy.